Care Instructions

Caring For Your Items

Resin is a hard wearing and water resistant material. However, it does require a certain amount of upkeep to ensure it stays looking its best. Take a look at our care instructions below so you can get the most out of your tags. 

To avoid damage to your tag, we highly recommend the following- 

1. Avoid submerging your item in water - particularly sea water as this will cause the item to cloud and tarnish. If your item does get wet, ensure you dry it off soon after

2. Avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning - a standard glass polish will help keep the shine and get rid of any dirt. Only use the smallest amount. You can also clean with luke warm water and soap. 

3. Check for cracks/chips within the resin after use - over time, dogs can cause damage to the resin, and this may affect the usability of the tag. For example, your tag could crack and come loose on a walk. 

4. If your dog is prone to chewing their tags, or they are still a puppy, please consider this when allowing your dog to wear the item. Resin will not withstand a chew from sharp puppy teeth or a bored adult dog. 

5. Avoid leaving your tags in sunlight - this could turn the resin soft, and also fade the design of your tag, particularly the natural materials. 

6. If your collar has a large metal buckle, make sure your tag does not swing too low. When your dog head shakes, this could cause the identity tag to smash against the clip and crack/break, depending how strong your dog is. 

7. Do not wear your items with a stretched split ring - you could risk losing your tag. 

Our tags can last for a long while if cared for properly. However, Tails and Bloom can not accept any liability for tags that have been damaged by your pet. 

If you believe you have a faulty tag, or have any questions, please get in touch.