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Celebrating Nature, Crafts, and Companionship.

Welcome to Tails & Bloom, where creativity meets craftsmanship, and our passion for dogs and nature come together in perfect harmony.
Our Founder - Hannah: 
Tails & Bloom is the brainchild of our founder, Hannah, a true dog enthusiast and serial creative.
Hannah's journey began during the challenging days of lockdown, where the desire to reconnect with her creativity led to the birth of Tails & Bloom. Her love of experimenting with arty materials and giving new hobbies a go soon became a business, seemingly overnight.
Before she knew it, she had created something unique for our four-legged friends. Hannah's signature handcrafted pet tags shot to popularity among the dog parents of the UK and soon after worldwide.
British Craftsmanship, Global Appeal: 
We're proud to be a British brand with a global reach. Our designs draw inspiration from the picturesque landscapes and biodiversity of the UK, bringing a touch of British charm to dogs and their owners worldwide. We have catered to dogs from Japan, to New York and as far as sunny Australia!

More Than Pets - Family Treasures: 

Tails & Bloom isn't just about pet accessories; it's about curating cherished moments with your pets. Our tags tell stories and our walk-wear will accompany you on adventures that create memories for a lifetime.

Fueled by Love and Small Business Values: 
As a small business, we're driven by a deep love for animals and a commitment to quality. Our passion for what we do shines through in every product we create, and we take pride in offering personalised, one-of-a-kind items that reflect the unique personality of your furry family members.

Meet Honey & Mac, our miniature dachshunds.

Macaroni is the softest of the two. He thrives on human affection and wins over all of our house guests! Mac has many toys, but his one true love is his squeaky egg. He plays a lovely tune on them in the morning or late at night, squeaking until his hearts content.

We would describe Honey as a secret cat... She certainly makes us work hard for her affection. But once she warms to you, you'll have a hard job stopping her from giving you all the kisses (watch your nose!). With that being said, she would trade either of her humans in for some roast chicken. This girly adores her food!

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